Food & Beverage


Fogging is the most economical method of surface disinfection. This method ensures even distribution of disinfectant and equal contact time across all surfaces.

The minute droplets, when created by fogging will allow for the applicable disinfectant to penetrate highly obstructed areas.

Chemcape supply foggers from small hand held units to larger units for applications for use in storage and production areas.


To ensure proper cleaning and sanitation in the Food & Beverage processing industry, foaming equipment is an essential link in guaranteeing this.

Foam cleaning will increase the contact time of the chemical solutions, allowing for improved cleaning with less mechanical force and temperature assurance.

Chemcape offer solutions form stand-alone portable foaming units to centralised foaming systems.

Dosing & Dispensing

The importance of accurately dispensing chemical is essential in ensuring correct control of your facility.

The handling of chemicals and the manual dilution thereof allows not only for chemical spillage and potential accidents, but also for wastage through over dilution as well as unverified/ under dilutions.

From stand-alone dispensers to de-centralised and centralised systems; Chemcape offer and install dosing, dispensing and foaming systems fitted to your needs.